Etsy Store!

I’m finally set up for opening my Etsy store and around the same time, a Facebook page devoted to the same content. on Etsy there will only be a very small selection of items in the beginning, particularly with ceramic items, as I am still in the process of getting a place established where I can work on the pieces predictably and efficiently. Currently, I don’t have the luxury of a proper work area, nor some of the essentials…like my own kiln. It means doing a bit of running around, paying to use my ceramics teachers kiln every blue moon. I am very lucky she is allowing me to do this since she is a full-time artist herself. Right now the lone representative of my work is a Siberian Tiger sculpture. I will soon add two other small ceramic items.SibTiger-4

I have a part time job that can keep me pretty busy at my most productive times (I’ve transformed into something of a night owl), so I just haven’t been able to churn much out at all. I have been chipping away at buying supplies and tools and have also been spending all the time I can outdoors, gardening and poking around in the woods now and then, going for walks or actual hikes every so often.

Most recently, I’ve been selling silver and bronze nature inspired jewelry, the first batch was a legion of silver Ambystoma salamanders. That was a lot of fun! The most recent group included an experimental bronze one. I was tempted to keep it, but it was sold quite quickly. More to come, for sure!
The next creature to be cast will be a rattlesnake. I have had so little time – it has taken me a year to finish this guy, I just worked on him a teensy bit off and on.

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I have also done some test products in metal clay, something I am still needing to sort out because my test pieces show some discoloration, looking almost rusty, which seems very strange – the silver is supposed to be pure! I’m not sure if I fired them improperly, or if storing them in the bathroom is accelerating some chemical process I am just not aware of.

Anyhow, keep an eye on the store for paintings, prints, sculptures and jewelry! I’m also open for commissions, particularly for wax carving since I enjoy it so much! 🙂


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