Ceramics Project

Some ideas are like a pebble in ones shoe!

I work in a variety of media for illustrations and paintings both traditional and digital, having a lifelong passion for capturing the unique morphology of animals large and small. Looking to move into a new dimension of expression, my greatest aspiration is to explore the world of ceramics. I have always enjoyed working with clay, but it has been some time since I have done so with the natural clays and not a day goes by where I am not imagining something I’d like to make. I would very much like to set up a personal studio and offer originals as well as commissioned pieces in the future. (Update: 16th of November, 2015 – Sculpture work)

When things are up and running I would love to donate original ceramics pieces for fundraising purposes like conservation efforts and educational projects. 🙂 Edit: Like this, a fundraiser being done for La MICA Biological Station –

A Fundraising Banner! Active fundraiser - Donate here! https://www.gofundme.com/l04tp0

A Fundraising Banner! (Mugs will likely be unavailable soon, but as of this moment – 16th of November, 2015, still are) This is an active fundraiser, although for different plots of land then is mentioned in the above image, we are working on new plots to protect – Donate here!


I feel very strongly that my photography and art should do something real and meaningful to protect the subjects that inspire all of it!

Here are my first ceramics creations, done at a local class here in Port Angeles. They are very simple (and flawed) right now. My hope is to take more classes and to eventually create a mini studio to keep at it! Rather than being mere abstract glaze combinations, I will do my best to recreate wildlife and wilderness in the shapes and surfaces of each piece.
Bowls-1aBowls-2b Bowls-3c Bowls-4d Bowls-5e Bowls-6f Bowls-7g Bowls-8h Bowls-9i Bowls-10j Bowls-11k Bowls-12l Bowls-13m

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