Conservation & Rahabilitation

I’ll be adding links to this page over time – Many of these groups I have donated to in the past, volunteered at or plan on supporting in various ways in the future! I encourage you to take a look at what these groups do for wildlife 🙂

Washington State

Northwest Raptor & Wildlife Center“The Northwest Raptor & Wildlife Center is a state-licensed 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization devoted to rehabilitating and caring for injured, orphaned, abandoned, or permanently incapacitated wildlife. With a special emphasis on caring for raptors (birds of prey), the Center is the Olympic Peninsula’s foremost wildlife rehabilitation and protection organization and is fully licensed and equipped to care for the needs of any endangered animal. The Center also specializes in promoting conservation of local habitat and wildlife by presenting environmental education programs and public outreach events using wild raptors.”

Conservation Northwest – “Creative and effective, for over 25 years Conservation Northwest has protected hundreds of thousands of acres of wildlands and wildlife habitat, and touched thousands of lives throughout the greater Northwest.

Since our founding in 1989, we’ve worked to protect and connect old-growth forests and other wild areas from the Washington Coast to the B.C. Rockies: vital to a healthy future for us, our children, and wildlife.”



The Orianne Society“The Orianne Society is dedicated to the range-wide conservation of imperiled reptiles and amphibians and the habitats they need to persist. ”


Team Snake Panama“Members include those who have, do, support, or wish they could explore, study, and help conserve
the snakes of Panama! Panama is home to 153 species of snakes, many of which have been drastically understudied in
nearly all aspects of their biology. Team Snake Panama (TSP) is working to change that! Currently TSP is focusing our efforts on snakes in central Panama near El Copé, Coclé province, where 80 species have already been documented. Research is focusing on ophidian ecology, diet, systematics, and behavior. TSP works closely with local Panamanian people, who serve as field assistants, field crew leaders, and drivers. We also deliver talks in local schools to promote the protection of snakes.

Future goals include the expansion of research, the establishment of a Panamanian national
herpetological library and museum and a reptile conservation center.”


One response to “Conservation & Rahabilitation

  1. Go hiontach ar fad 🙂 amazing world you are experiencing Shannon it reflects in your art work. I came across your Pseudoscorpion video on Youtube while researching their ability to eat varroa mites, apparently these little creatures coexisted with bees naturally until the widespread use of miticides to try and eradicate the varroa mite. We have these Pseudoscorpions in Ireland but Ive yet to see one, just need to look closer I guess. There are no feral honey bees in Ireland anymore 😦 If you’re ever visiting bring some of these wee scorpions with you 🙂

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