Ceramic Work – The Latest Batch

I recently completed the second batch of nature inspired ceramic work, one of which was a commissioned piece that was super fun and totally nerve-wracking to develop. That piece should be at its new home by now, or at least partway there. This time around I wanted to experiment with surface textures and carving animals out, refining the technique I used last time.

Overall, regarding the process…the past several months have been pretty back-and-forth with various plans and projects, so getting things made was a big challenge in itself. At the very least I have a better idea of what I intend to make in the future as a result of all these new items. Some of the resulting pieces I am very happy with, others were a bit educational, forcing me to take mental notes, which is also a part of the fun and gets me thinking of new ways to create exciting artwork. I just completed an order for some new materials that will allow me to play with some specific ideas I’ve had brewing in my brain. It is kind of maddening, all the possibilities you want to explore, especially being limited to a tiny budget. It kind of forces me to really study a new project thoroughly, to commit to it and to do it well. If I was spending money left and right I think it could be easy to get lost in those possibilities. Jack of all trades and master of none, as they say…I’ll keep on the path of quality!

*sigh* I really can’t wait until I have a designated studio space, though. I keep visualizing my own kiln, loads of shelves to put work on and all that, but I will have to make the most of the time and space I currently have! I have enough at the moment, so that is everything. I am very lucky that my former instructor allows me to share kiln space with her too, that it is just minutes away from where I currently live and that James is always willing to ferry me and my artwork to and fro at a moments notice.

On to the art!

Here is the latest in the way of vessels:

And here is the latest in sculptures and figurines! First, the items I made on my own, spontaneously based on the animal I was most intrigued by at the time:

I’ll share the commissioned sculpture once the person it is for receives it, so keep an eye out for the next entry! I’m currently working on a new selection of wheel-thrown mugs, bowls and planters, a silverback mountain gorilla commission, and potentially a new moth life-cycle mug.


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